Become a Member.


The NC Public Health Association’s strength is its strong membership base. With more than 1,400 members, NCPHA is the largest APHA affiliate in the country. Our membership categories are summarized below.

Individual Member

Shall pay annual dues as set by the Governing Council and shall be entitled to all membership privileges, including the right to make motions in membership meetings and vote; to nominate; to be a member of one or more Sections; to hold office in the Association and/or any Section; to serve on committees of the Association or Sections; and to attend any educational session during the Annual Meeting. To become a member of NCPHA, click here to join for the first time, if you are renewing, be sure to use the membership renewal form. Individual membership dues are currently $60/annually and includes membership to one section. Most sections are an additional $5.00/each.

Student Member

Shall pay annual dues which are $35 paid by Student Members. Registration fees shall be one-half (1/2) those paid by Regular Members. Student Members shall have the same membership privileges as Regular Members. An individual must be a full time student in order to qualify for Student Membership. To become a student member of NCPHA, click here.

Life Member

Is exempt from paying dues and registration fees. Life Members shall have the same membership privileges as Regular Members. An individual who is retired, and who has either been a member of NCPHA for twenty-five (25) years meets the qualifications for Life Membership. Up to ten (10) years of membership in out-of-state Public Health Association shall be applied to complete the twenty-five (25) year membership requirement. Written proof of this membership is required. Application shall be made to the Chairman of the Membership Committee. This Committee shall verify the applicant’s qualifications and submit names at the Spring Governing Council Meeting of NCPHA for information. Members of NCPHA who wish to do so may buy back membership in NCPHA for the number of years they have been in public health in North Carolina, this time to count toward life membership. Rate of purchase is to be the dues rate for the years missed. The Life Member application can be found here.

Retired Member

Shall pay annual dues which are $40 paid by Retired Members. Retired Members shall have the same membership privileges as Regular Members. To become a retired member of NCPHA, click here or to renew your retired membership, click here.

Affiliate Group Member

Eastern District North Carolina Public Health Association (EDNCPHA) shall be assessed dues of $250 annually providing the said affiliate with a vote on Governing Council. The President of the Affiliated Group serves as the Representative to NCPHA, and should be a paid member of the NCPHA.

Organizational Member

Any associational (health related associations), institutional (hospitals, private care providers, etc.), or governmental agency (health departments/districts, state agencies, colleges and universities) shall pay annual dues as set by the Governing Council. The Organization itself shall have no voting privileges and cannot hold office. The Organization will receive 6 NCPHA memberships which must be used for staff who are not already NCPHA members. NCPHA encourages, but does not require, that the 6 staff selected to receive NCPHA membership be staff making less than $25,000 annually. Section dues must be paid annually by the individual members using the regular membership application. Click here for the Organizational Membership Application.

Membership is based on a 12-month period. A notice is sent to members before their membership expires. Dues are payable on the member’s anniversary month.